Wilcox Trend of the Texas Gulf Coast


The study assists explorationists working in south central Texas with Wilcox sand-rich systems and with Lower and Middle Wilcox shale-filled channel systems, including the Yoakum and Lavaca Channels.

Correlations of well logs define the nature of Lower and Middle Wilcox depositional systems as they prograded across the stable Cretaceous carbonate platform into the expanded downdip area. Core data were used to document the interpretation of depositional systems.

Wilcox deltas associated with an unstable platform margin account for a major exploration trend in south central Texas. Seismic data were used to establish the structural framework and to aid in the correlation of well logs. The maps and associated cross sections highlight exploration fairways in the downdip areas where current well control is sparse.

This study covers 9,500 square miles, within which 1,940 wells were correlated, and represents several man-years of geologic research.

Study Highlights

  • Study Text and Figures
  • 20 Cores Described
  • 1,940 Study Wells
  • 400 Miles Seismic Lines Examined
  • 27 Regional Maps
  • 8 Regional Cross Sections

Location Map

Wilcox Trend of the Texas Gulf Coast