Smackover/Upper Jurassic of the Eastern Gulf Rim


This Smackover Formation report provides a comprehensive geological study which integrates stratigraphic, geochemical, petrographic, petrophysical, and production data for rocks in portions of Mississippi, Alabama, and Florida.

A classification of grain types based on petrographic characteristics and grain size was developed. This report provides industry with the first attempt to describe and document photographically all the major types of non-skeletal grains found in the upper Smackover, a cornerstone for interpreting the depositional environments of these rocks.

Stratigraphic correlation of the study wells provides a unique database. It provides a three-fold system for regional analysis of Smackover and Haynesville rocks. Organic geochemical analyses were acquired on 1,116 source rock samples throughout the study area.

The study covers over 28,000 square miles, within which 2,196 wells were correlated, and represents 10 man-years of geologic research.

Study Highlights

  • Study Text and Figures
  • 89 Cores Described
  • 2,196 Study Wells
  • 1500 Thinsections Examined
  • 5 Field Studies
  • 37 Regional and 56 Field Maps
  • 26 Cross Sections
  • 1,116 Cores Geochemically Analyzed

Location Map

Smackover/Upper Jurassic of the Eastern Gulf Rim