Siluro-Devonian Study of the Northern Tobosa Basin


This regional stratigraphic study of the Silurian and Devonian strata focuses on the exploration and production potential of Wristen and Fusselman carbonate reservoirs in the Tobosa Basin. Well correlations and regional cross sections were constructed across the study area, with formation-level contacts from the Ellenburger through the Woodford.

The described cores comprise a complex suite of lithofacies deposited in diverse depositional environments, ranging from distal lower ramp to restricted supratidal. Stromatoporoid and coralline buildups are pervasive. Original depositional textures are often obscured by intense dolomitization and/or brecciation associated with the development of karst profiles.

The seven field studies contain development geology and engineering analyses including detailed geologic mapping and modeling, evaluations of drive mechanisms, reservoir characterization, reserve evaluations, and well performance reviews.

This study covers over 13,000 square miles in Texas and New Mexico, within which 3,169 wells were correlated, and represents 8 man-years of geologic research.

Study Highlights

  • Study Text and Figures
  • 88 Cores Described
  • 3,169 Study Wells
  • 550 Thinsections Examined
  • 7 Field Studies
  • 19 Regional and Field Maps
  • 22 Cross Sections

Location Map

Siluro-Devonian Study of the Northern Tobosa Basin – GDI LLC