Powder River Basin Digital Stratigraphic Database


The Powder River Basin digital stratigraphic data files contain stratigraphic correlations including formation tops, lithologic picks and significant intraformational markers. These digital data files expedite the search for oil and gas by providing a consistent regional framework necessary for the integration of other disparate subsurface data types such as drill stem tests, cores, perforations, stimulations, plugging methods, casing programs, production information, and many others.

Extensive experience in the regional stratigraphy of the Powder River Basin, internally consistent correlations, rigorous error checking, corrected elevation/location data, and client-tested reliability have resulted in the largest commercial library of interpreted, regionally-correlated digital stratigraphic data files in the Powder River Basin.

A 40-member geologic team contributed a total of 29 people-years worth of work to the Powder River Basin database.

Study Highlights

  • Study Text and Figures
  • 28,000+ Study Well Database
  • 58 Regional Stratigraphic Picks
  • 17 Regional Stratigraphic Cross Sections

Location Map

Powder River Basin Digital Stratigraphic Database – GDI LLC