Muddy Sandstones of the Wind River Basin


GeoDigital Information’s study of the Muddy Sandstone in the Wind River Basin examines the stratigraphy, sedimentology, petrography, and oil and gas potential of the Muddy Sandstone in the Wind River, Southern Big Horn, Northern Shirley, Northern Hanna, and Northern Red Desert basins. Also included in the study is a sedimentologic and reservoir characterization analysis of valley-fill deposits along the Grieve Oil Field trend.

Although rarely greater than 100 feet thick throughout most of eastern and central Wyoming, GDI subdivided the Muddy Sandstone into seven mappable, chronostratigraphic members, which are bounded by bentonite beds or unconformities. Of greatest importance was the recognition and mapping of a complex paleovalley system and marine shoreline trends within the Wind River Basin.

The study covers over 18,000 square miles, within which 1,025 wells were correlated, and represents 6 man-years of geologic research.

Study Highlights

  • Study Text and Figures
  • 60 Outcrops Measured
  • 40 Cores Described
  • 1,025 Study Wells
  • 178 Thinsections Examined
  • 8 Regional and 9 Area Maps
  • 10 Cross Sections

Location Map

Muddy Sandstones of the Wind River Basin