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Morrow Series of the Las Animas Arch

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Morrow Series of the Las Animas Archs Study Boundary

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The Morrow Series reservoirs occur within transgressive valley-fill sequences at multiple stratigraphic horizons. GDI has created an extensive sequence-stratigraphic framework that documents ten intervals of valley-fill deposits.

Well correlations were defined by six regional markers from the top of the Mississippian to the top of the Pennsylvanian Marmaton. Morrow valley-fill sequences are defined with, up to, 14 additional sub-regional correlation markers.

Morrow depositional models and lithofacies reservoir potential are determined through the integration of core, thinsection, log analyses, and engineering data. Five representative field studies are incorporated with a focus on Morrow reservoir characteristics, trap types, and deliverability.

The study covers over 16,500 square miles in Colorado, Kansas, and Oklahoma, within which 5,039 wells were correlated, and represents 6 man-years of geologic research.

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