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Dakota Sandstones of the Moxa Arch and Green River Basin

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Dakota Sandstones of the Green River Basin Study Boundary

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The Dakota sandstones of the Moxa Arch and surrounding Green River Basin remain attractive targets for exploration in the Rockies. This study evaluates the sequence stratigraphic framework of the Dakota and Muddy formations.

Stratigraphic picks, used to subdivide these formations, were correlated along laterally continuous marker horizons that represent transgressive disconformities or their equivalent flooding surfaces. This produced a time-stratigraphic framework for evaluating the distribution of sandstones and reservoirs. In addition, regional maps illustrate gross and net sandstone distribution, the occurrence of reservoir quality, and reservoir development for the most significant stratigraphic intervals.

This study covers over 18,000 square miles in Utah, Colorado and Wyoming, within which 1,318 wells were correlated, and represents 7 man-years of geologic research.

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