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Tensleep-Phosphoria of the Bighorn Basin

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Tensleep-Phosphoria of the Bighorn Basin Study Boundary

Study Highlights


GeoDigital Information's Tensleep-Phosphoria study is designed to enhance both exploration and development efforts at Tensleep and Phosphoria reservoirs in the Bighorn Basin. These reservoirs occur within eolian sandstone and peritidal carbonate sequences at multiple stratigraphic horizons.

Correlations of 5,536 wells were made by defining 22 geologic markers throughout the study area. In addition, porosity limits were defined for all wells with suitable log suites.

Tensleep and Phosphoria depositional models and lithofacies reservoir potential are determined through the integration of core, thinsection, and log analyses. Four representative field studies are incorporated with a focus on Tensleep and Phosphoria reservoir characteristics, trap types, and deliverability.

This study covers over 7,488 square miles in Montana and Wyoming, within which 5,536 wells were correlated, and represents 12 man-years of geologic research.

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