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Leo Member of the Minnelusa Formation

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Leo Member Study Boundary

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The study of the Pennsylvanian Leo Member of the Minnelusa Formation sandstones provides depositional models for use in predicting occurrences of stratigraphic hydrocarbon traps in this challenging region.

Data from Leo outcrops, cores, and wells are compared with data from analogous modern settings to develop a thorough understanding of the depositional processes active during "Leo" time. Using predictive models of regional sandstone sedimentation patterns, six "Leo" oil and gas fields were examined. The study of these fields was undertaken to develop smaller scale rock models that can aid in understanding the distribution of reservoir potential strata.

The study area encompasses 10,908 square miles in Wyoming, South Dakota and Nebraska. Approximately 980 “Leo” wells have analyzed. This study represents several man-years of geological research.

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