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Dakota/Lakota Sandstones of the Powder River Basin

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Dakota/Lakota Sandstones Study Boundary

Study Highlights


The search for new reserves in Dakota and Lakota strata of the Powder River Basin is directed primarily towards stratigraphic-type traps. Detailed analyses of the stratigraphy, depositional environments, and trapping mechanisms of stratigraphic-type oil and gas fields provide case histories that serve as widely applicable exploration models.

Regional maps display shoreline trends, areas of concentrated sand deposits at the front of Dakota deltas, and the location of major valley-fill channel sandstone systems. These maps, in combination with the depositional models, constitute a valuable predictive tool that can be used to guide future exploration efforts.

The study encompasses a total area of 17,460 square miles, within which 1,919 wells were analyzed, and represents several man-years of geological research.

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