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Regional Geologic Studies

Economical Frameworks for Hydrocarbon Exploration and Development

What are Regional Geologic Studies?

These studies incorporate a variety of information on plays and basins throughout the United States. By utilizing historical literature, core and outcrop surveys, and other subsurface data sets, the studies provide an integrated analysis of the controls on plays and basin development. This information can then provide the basis for a correlation design used in the subsurface analysis of plays and reservoir characteristics.

What information is included?

Each regional study contains a Text and Figures report. These extensively illustrated reports typically include discussions, figures, and detailed analyses on: Depositional Settings/History, Lithofacies, Field Studies, Tectonic Framework, Stratigraphy, Petrography, Modern Analogs, Synthesis, and Exploration Potential. Most studies include Outcrop and Core Description reports. Selected studies may also include a Summary Atlas, Rock Guides, DST Analyses, and other study-specific subjects. The reports are in an Acrobat (PDF) format and hyperlinked for ease of access. Numerous raster image maps and cross sections are included. Each regional study also incorporates a digital database of the stratigraphic tops and interval data, typically in a Microsoft Access format that is easily imported into a variety of mapping softwares.

How can these studies help my company?

The studies provide the licensee the ability to quicky become knowledgeable on selected plays and play trends. They also provide a high quality, economical framework for the client to incorporate their own proprietary information and other analyses for rapid development of leads and prospects in the plays and basins.

Where are the studies located?

The 23 studies included on this GDI website are located in the western and central United States. The Forbes study is located in the Sacramento basin. A majority of the studies (13) are in the northern basins of the Rocky Mountain region. Two of the studies are in the Permian basin of west Texas and New Mexico. Four of the studies are in the Texas portion of the Gulf Coast basin, and one is in the eastern portion of the basin. The final two studies are in the central region of the country, one in the Michigan basin and the other in the Illinois basin.

The regional studies marketed here by GeoDigital Information (GDI) were originally generated by Research Planning Institute’s Energy Division (RPI).

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